A Clean House Despite Kids

When you have kids in the house, keeping that house clean can be the biggest challenge. Ask a mom with one or more kids and she will say cleaning the mess is more difficult that getting the children to eat. Such is this complicated task. House cleaning services are available at your disposal and one can get such professional help easily, these days. However, one cannot let the house stay messy until someone comes and cleans it out. What about days your helper needs to take off suddenly? Can you walk around not knowing when you are going to step on those painful Lego pieces?Here are a few ideas to help to keep a house with kids, clean (at most times)


Boxes are your biggest saviors. You cannot get your child to put things back in the original place or in the box, the way it was sold at the store. Sometimes, when you get those toys out of th ir boxes, you will never know how to put it back.Have boxes designated for each variety of toy. A bag for soft toys, a box for those building blocks, a box for the Lego pieces, etc can help you clean up in a few minutes. When you have such designated boxes, you can just grab one and put all those pieces into it, without looking at it. Children will like chaos more than organized playing and so, they are not going to differentiate between the new blocks you got them yesterday and the old hand me down ones your relative gave. Also, this way, when your child wants building blocks, you need not struggle to figure outwhich one he is referring to. Give him the whole box and you will be spared.

Clean Up Time

Have a designated clean up time. no matter how many times you clean, they are going to mess it up within minutes. Hence have a fixed clean up time, where all one is allowed to do is clean. As your child grows, they will also start helping you clean and follow the routine. When they are young and can't help you, you can spare yourself the repeated cleaning process, which will take your entire day. When you have a fixed timing (twice a day), you can let go of the stress and guilt of having a messy home and clean up only when its time.

Out Of Reach

You cannot have every toy out of the reach of your child. Not only will they constantly bother you, asking for one toy after the other, it willrestrict their growth too. When children are allowed to explore and access their toys, they tend to go from one to other and find the one that interests them the most, at that particular time. were you to give it to them every single time, you will tend to give the same set of toys that keeps them busy the most, thus curtailing their exploration with other toys.

Keep the more messy toys out of reach. paints, sharp or small pieces, etc that will require your assistance, should be kept out of reach, so that you can control the mess. Also, when it is out of reach, children tend to let go of it after a while. This gives you a chance to introduce it to your child, every time you feel it is the right time to give it to them.


Despite having boxes, have shelves specially allotted for the kids. This way you know where the boxes go, once they are filled and are not just left to lay around on the floor. Also since these shelves will be in a room, it makes it easier for you to contain the mess in one room.

If you are having guests dropping in, in few minutes, all you will have to do is dump all the toys in this room and shut the door.

Cleaning Cloths

When there are kids involved, there is no dearth for messy situations. Have a number of cloth pieces to clean up any mess immediately. You can cut up old clothes or towels and put them in a basket or a container that can be reached easily.

Since these are recycled, one can even dump these cloths after use, rather than washing them. Cloths also tend to absorb more moisture than paper towels, thus making it easier to clean